LinkOn 6 in 1 USB-C / Lightning / Micro USB Adapters Set (Black)

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✅ GREAT CONVENIENCE – Do not be worried whether you bring the right cable to charge or sync your different devices. This 3 in 1 combo kit will allow you to be safe with just a single cable. This gadget is very convenient if used with a 3 in 1 cable as it will allow you to charge two iPhones or Android devices simultaneously.

✅ STYLISH LOOK – You will surely be noticed with one of these adapters attached to your favorite device. The ergonomic design and highly visible colors will give you the premium look and feel which can match almost any smartphone or tablet. All our cables follow the same design line so that you look perfect.

✅ EXCELLENT COMPATIBILITY – You will have more free time focusing on the things which are important. We have selected the three most wanted USB adapters for you. Convert your iPhone cable into Micro USB or the modern USB Type C. The third supported option is to convert from Micro USB to iPhone. Please note that charging iPad 3 running iOS 13+ using Lightning to USB-C may not be supported.

✅ DEVICE PROTECTION – Protect your device ports from damage or early wearing out. There is no risk for your precious devices when using these adapters. Cordless adapters make your connector longer and increase the risk of damaging your port and device. With our product you get very similar experience to your standard cable.

✅ FULL WARRANTY – Be secured as all our products come with one-year full warranty. Do not bother yourself with complex procedures. Just contact us and we will take care of everything for you. Our support team works for your excellent customer experience in case of any issue.

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