LinkOn 3 in 1 Multi Charging Cable (Black)

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✅ ONE CABLE TO CHARGE THEM ALL – Take one cable instead of three as you never know which one you will need. No more spaghetti at your desk or in the car :). This triple charger cable is going to be your best friend.

✅ EXTRA LONG (THE LENGTH THAT YOU NEED) – Sit back in your couch while you are with your device or easily pass it to the passengers on the back seat. With the extra length you will get charged even when you need your device.

✅ SUPERB DURABILITY (BUILT TO LAST) – We know how to produce long cables and that’s why we used AWG22 standard wires so that you do not make compromise with the charging speed. It will also protect the cable from overheating like many of the cheaper cables out there.

✅ SECURE CHARGING (DEVICE PROTECTION) - This cable supports data/sync only on the iPhone output. USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge standards are disabled to protect legacy devices when charging more than one at a time.

✅ 1 YEAR FULL WARRANTY – Whatever you do all cables ware off and fail over time. But with our cable you are protected for one year. If you come upon any issue, please contact our 24/7 support team which resolves most of the issues within a day.

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tom griffin


This cable is excellent for UBER drivers. The length allows it to reach the back of my car. And it has a plug for any phone.
This cable improved my rating :)

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Fast charging?

Will this cable support fast charging?


The cable will not support any of the fast charging standards.
We have disabled the fast charging capability to protect your devices. Most of the fast charging protocols will raise the charging Voltage and that will cause higher voltage to be delivered to all the 3 outputs of the cable. If by mistake you connect device which is not fast charging capable on one of the two free outputs it might be damaged.

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