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✅ THE NEXT GENERATION CAR CHARGER IS HERE - This is one of the most powerful and compact usb-c car charger you can find. You no longer need to buy and carry multiple chargers as this one will be able to fast charge simultaneously two of your advanced devices for no time. You can throw your legacy car charger away as this advanced piece of technology is fully backwards compatible as well.

✅ GET CHARGED FASTER AND SAVE TIME - USB Type C PD output provides enough power to make sure your notebook is charging even if you are playing games or using power demanding applications. The less powerful fast chargers may only charge your device when it is not used. Our car charger uses one of the most efficient power conversion technology which keeps it very cool hence it will last longer that the other car chargers.

✅ ONE CAR CHARGER TO CHARGE THEM ALL - You no longer need to care about which of the two fast charge standards is supported by your new phone, tablet or notebook as this car charger supports them both. Ability to charge fast is a big benefit especially when you travel on short distances and have limited time for charging. Supported devices - Huawei, Samsung (S10 and S20 Series), Google Pixel, MacBook (all USB-C versions), Dell XPS, Latest HP USB-C notebooks, Razer Blade Stealth and more.

✅ SUPER COMPATIBILITY - USB Type C output (USB Power Delivery 3.0) - 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A (45W Max); USB A output (Quick Charge 3.0) - 3.6~6.5V/3A, 6.5~9/2A, 9~12/1.5A (18W Max); USB-C PPS - 3.3~11V/3A, 3.3~16V/2.8A (45W Max). This is a Car Charger PPS enabled which allows the devices to pick the most optimal charging speed while still keeping them safe. Both 12V car and 24V truck sockets are supported.

✅ YOUR DEVICES ARE PROTECTED - The over power, over current and short circuit protections keep you and your devices safe. This product is covered by ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY. Our 24/7 support is resolving most of the issues within 24 hours so do not hesitate to contact us.

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Pros: Fast charger indeed. Works on all my smart devices.
Cons: Not powerful enough for my Lenovo laptop. I get slow charging while I am using it.



The best charger you will find for Samsung S20! Super fast charging 2.0 in my car! I am very happy!

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Max power in 12v car

What is the max output oft this charger in 12v cars?


The car charger achieves its maximum output regardless of the input you use. It works the same way on 12V and 24V power sockets.
Unlike many other cheaper car chargers ours has power raising feature which allows it to make 20V output with 12V input.
So the charger delivers 45W on USB-C + 18W on USB-A simultaneously when connected to 12V sockets.



24V compatibility

Hi, I bought one of these, but the input voltage rating on the product says 12-18V.
In your description you say it supports 12 or 24V supplies.

Is the product label incorrect and is it safe to use on a 24V supply?
Or does this not support 24V and the website description is wrong?


The product label is incorrect. Our car charger supports 24V and you can use it with no problems.

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